How It Works

KEMFE – Get rewarded for your social activities.

kemfe operate with a new business model that fairly rewards users for their contributions to the network with revenue and expanded reach. Kemfe also allows users to independently reward their favorite auto in the platform.

1. Register / Signup

To start using Kemfe, you will have to sign up a free membership account with just an email address and your password. Click here to sign up for free.

2. Join a Community of Interest

Once you register your free account, search and join any community of your interest. There are thousands of various communites that hold various interesting discussions. If you can't find any community of your interest, you can create a community, invite your friends to join and start up a discussion.

3. Post or Share Contents

Post and share engaging contents that is relevant to the community. Make sure to read the community rules before joining a conversation to avoid being restricted or banned.

4. Power Up & Start Earning Rewards

For you to start earning reward from the system, you will be required to unlock your power wallet by staking an amount of KFC. This amount of KFC staked plays a role in calculating your daily rewards in the system. The content you publish is rewarded as you and other users start interacting with it through upvotes, comments, and shares amongst others. These interactions generated, form the basis through which the content receives block reward at the end of 24hrs.

5. Claim Rewards

All rewards earned by user are locked and can be claimed at the end of 72 hours. To claim your rewards go to MY Account and click on Post Rewards.

6. Power Up or Withdraw

Claimed rewards are directly deposited into the users Earning Wallet and can be used to increase earning power, Purchase services or exchanged to any currency.


Every registered user on Kemfe network has two different wallets.Each of these wallets plays a role on the value of rewards a user can claim at any point in time. These wallets are;

This wallet allows user to perform withdrawal, deposit, make transfers, pay for adverts, or boasted post or banner ads and other activities such activities such as gitiing a user in the form of tipping

This is the wallet that determines the amount of reward you can earn when users interact with your post. It also determines the percentage of daily block reward grant you can earn based on your content engagement. Every token deposited in this wallet is locked permanently and cannot be used to perform any transaction within the network. The more token a user lock in this wallet the more he increases his earning power.


The following activities atiract rewards within the Kemfe ecosystem:

  1. Posting
  2. Commenting
  3. Upvoting
  4. Referring
  5. Tipping



All Rewards claimed can be withdrawn immediately. First you must click on the withdraw tab inside your wallet. Then, you simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw and press submits. This action atiracts withdrawal fees based on the Ethereum network gas price. There is no minimum or maximum limit required to withdraw KFC to OnChain wallets or to any exchange KFC is being traded.


Users can deposit KFC to their wallet. Depositing Kemfe Credit into your wallet is instant. To deposit, Open your wallet and click the deposit bution. You can either scan the barcode or copy the address and directly deposit into it. Atier depositing, Copy your transaction hash and past on the verify transaction Hash.


Kemfe network continually mints new digital tokens to reward content creators and curators. Some of the newly-created tokens are transferred to users who add value to kemfe network by posting, commenting and voting on other people's posts.


Kemfe credits get it value from the utility of the token on the network. All services such as boast, banner Ads, and subscription that require financial transaction revolve around the token. E.g. when advertisers want to advertise on the network they will have to buy kemfe credit in order to get access to our advertisment.100% of all advertisement yields are destroyed or burnt.

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